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Bicycle wheel repair

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Bicycle wheel repair

Bibcycle wheel repair that you can do it yourself at home. Wobbly bicycle wheels can be corrected with a piece of chalk and a spoke wrench.
  • As you ride your bicycle, you may hear one or both of your tires rub against the brakes. This is a common occurrence, and it simply means that you have either wobbly wheels or your brakes need adjusting. When you have determined that the problem is not in the brakes, then by process of elimination, you can conclude that the wheel or wheels have buckled. This often occurs after hitting a curb or riding into pot holes causing a jarring of the wheels. What you need to do is to balance them or it, through a process called wheel truing. Now don't let the name scare you, wheel truing is very simple and all that is required is a piece of chalk and a spoke wrench. A spoke wrench can be obtained for a few dollars at any store that sells bicycles.
  • Turn your bicycle upside down. Take a piece of chalk and hold it as close as possible to the rim of the tire without having the chalk touch the tire itself. Now with the other hand, spin the wheel. When the wheel has spun around a few times, slowly move the chalk closer to the rim until it just touches the rim. Now stop the tire and take a look at the tire. There will now be chalk marks indicating where you will need to adjust the spokes on the wheel. Repeat this step using your left hand to mark the other side of the wheel.
  • In the middle of the bicycle wheel is a network of spokes. The section of the spoke that is to be adjusted is the part that is closest to the wheel; it looks a little like a nut. There are spokes on the left and right of the wheel rim. In order to tighten the spoke, you need to use the spoke wrench and turn it anti-clock wise. To loosen the spoke, turn the wrench clock wise.
  • The spokes closest to the chalk mark need to be loosened and the spokes on the opposite side of the chalk mark need to be tightened. Using the spoke wrench, turn the spokes in the center of the chalk mark one full turn, and the other spokes a 1/2 turn.
  • Continue adjusting the spokes until the wheel no longer rubs against any part of your bicycle. You can erase all chalk marks and spin the wheel again while holding the chalk close to the wheel. When no marks appear, your wheel should now be running true.
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