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Must have Shoes for every Woman

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Must have Shoes for every Woman

MustYou wont ever hear a woman say she has too much of clothes, love and shoes. Yes, shoes! Every woman loves shoes, and here are a list of must have shoes in every woman?s life?

Marilyn Monroe once said, " I don?t know who invented high heels, but all women owe him a lot." Marilyn Monroe certainly loved her shoes and so does every single woman on the face of the planet. Ask any woman and she will simply say a woman cant have too many shoes, and in spite of there not being any extra space in her closet she will still go shopping for shoes. So it is easy to say that women and shoes have an ongoing love affair. But there are some shoes that are an essential in every woman?s closet, these are: BR>
  • Low heeled black pumps ? this is the little black dress in shoes, the shoe that goes with every outfit and on any occasion. Every woman should have a pair of low heeled black pumps that she can slip on when she needs to go for a causal dinner, a funeral, a business meeting or even a child?s PTA meeting. This is perfect for those times when you are confused whether you need to wear flats, or sky rocketing strappy stilettos, these are the in between shoes.

  • Neutral Pumps ? like pink is the new black in clothes, similarly a neutral colored pair of pumps is perfect for every outfit, because as much as we claim that black goes with everything, it does not. A pair of pumps in a neutral color like beige or even tan can be paired with any outfit. Remember that white is not neutral.

  • Semi-casual flats ? there are days when you want to go casual, but not as casual as sneakers or thongs, then what do you do? This is where the semi-casual flat comes into the picture. Ideal are the ballerina flats that can be pulled of with skirts, dresses, jeans, slacks and almost any outfit.

  • Black high heeled dressy shoes ? the perfect dressy shoes should be black, sleek, not strappy yet not too chunky. A perfect pair could be a stiletto heeled open toes black pumps, they just ooze sex appeal and can be paired with a dramatic black, red and even white evening dress.

  • Metallic high-heeled dressy sandals ? now that you have the black dressy heels, what you need is to add some glamour to your wardrobe. This can be done by a pair of high-heeled metallic strappy sandals. They can either be silver or gold depending on the color of clothes in your wardrobe. Ideally silver goes with most like blue, white, black and even red. But gold is better suited for brown, beige and tan colored clothes.

  • Everyday shoes ? these are the shoes you put on when you want some comfort; it varies for people depending up on their level of comfort. It could be flat sandals, ballet flats, thongs or even sneakers.

  • Sneakers ? every woman should have the perfect pair of sneakers that she can pull on when she has to go for picnics, walks in the park or for play time with kids. Sneakers don?t mean they have to be boring, you can choose from a wide variety these days. So is the retro high top for you or the basic Nike sneaker?

  • Knee-High boots ? every single woman should own a pair of boots. Ideally the boots should be knee high and in black, these can be paired with jeans, skirts and even dresses. If you want something more stylish you can choose boots with a stiletto heel.
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