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Jewelry Box Glossary

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Jewelry Box Glossary

With the multitude of features and choices that you come across when searching for the right jewelry box, we understand that it can be a bit overwhelming. It is that reason this glossary of terms for jewelry boxes was created. Whether you are looking for something to protect your treasured collectibles, or looking for a piece of accent furniture that will dress up your home decor, we are determined to make it as easy as possible to find the perfect jewelry box for you. We hope that this glossary will help you be confident in whatever decision you decide to make.

Children's Style This is a style with young heart, vibrant colors, unique designs, and an overall fun feel to it. These are meant for children in every way, representing mythical worlds or creatures, sports, and so much more.
Contemporary style This is not quite "traditional," not quite "casual." This style tends to have straight, clean lines and edges, open curvature, and very little carvings or decorative touches.
Locking This is where the jewelry box can add protection for your precious jewelries. It allows you to lock the box to prevent from intrusion by anyone who does not possess the key.
Lining Boxes come with many unique and different styles of interiors. This type of interior is to offer plush comfort for your treasured jewelry. This comes in many different fabrics to accommodate you properly.
Men's Style These boxes are usually watch boxes or cuff link boxes.
Musical This is when the box opens to reveal not only the inside of the box, but to also delight the ears with its wonderful and timeless tune. This is usually common in children's boxes with ballerinas, but can also be found in traditional and other styles.

Removable Trays Granting you virtually several different boxes in one, this is where the internal trays of the jewelry boxes are designed to move freely away from the box, and then fit snuggly back in the box when you are done with it.
Traditional Style Based on historic design models, this style is characteristically ornate, ordered and bold. Straight lines are often contrasted with curved details, brass, iron, and hand painted wood.
Travel These are boxes that fully mobile and are designed with the traveler in mind. They are small and compact while still having plenty of storage compartments.
Trinket The box with this feature allows you to store things other than just jewelry. It removes this restriction by having free flowing cabinets, instead of molded in hooks, nooks, and crevasses.
Watch Box Designed for watch storage and protection in mind. These boxes are usually molded, or fitted to accommodate for watches properly and more efficiently than an ordinary box.

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